Here is where one usually puts information such as where they were born and where they went to school, what their first job was and their biggest influences.  Let’s get that part over with.  Outside of Washington DC; St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD and York College of PA; stocking beer and mopping floors at a gas station convenience store (which did not last long as they were called out by the state for employing a 14 year old to stock beer); and last but not least, pretty much everything I have ever seen, heard, tasted, felt, or generally experinced in my life thus far.

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   I am not actually all that good at describing myself.   An acquaintance once described me as having a dynamic personality and I am still trying to figure out if it was meant as a compliment or an insult.  My favorite questions are (in order): Why?  How? Who?  Wait, what?  The runner up would probably be something along the lines of 'is there a high likelihood that this will kill/main/seriously injure me?' or 'how can I make this work to my advantage (or profit when I am feeling a bit Ferengi).

I’m better with direct questions, so if you have a burning curiosity to know anything else about me (as I am entirely fascinating) feel free to email me and ask: is always open.

.     Sometimes, my art is a form of ritual and meditation.  Other times it begins as a random doodle on a napkin at the bar during Karaoke Night.  To me, the resulting work is usually of equal validity.  I have zero formal training (shocking, I know).  Zilch.  Nada.  Nusquam.  I learn best through experimentation and, frequently, HUGE mistakes.  Of course, if someone offered to let me take a bunch of classes for free I would probably take them up on it (any takers?  Hello?  No?  I didn’t think it likely.  Damn.).

    There, that’s done.  I’m an artist.  I paint.  I draw.  I make strange collage pieces out of, well, anything.  I am happy when someone likes my work, but not devastated when they do not.   I do not like telling people what I see in my work, I would rather hear what they see as art changes with each fresh set of eyes. 

    I am a pirate debutante/redneck (heh).  I believe in myself, my family and friends, my Goddess and God, my own fallibility, geekdom, that words and language are powerful and should not be trifled with, the permeating importance of aesthetics, that Jean-Luc Picard is the best captain of the Enterprise, Han shot first (and was the only one to shoot), Scott Summers is just a douche, Wolverine is AWESOME because CLAWS, all Urkins have a squiggly spooge, things are better when they are OVER 9000, that my cats are psychotic, my quarter custody dog is HUGE (and to be honest, pretty dumb), almost anything can be fixed with duct tape, getting an MMORPG toon to max level is pretty much always worth the time it takes, AND there is always room for cake (wreck-y or not).  Oh yes, and I also believe in the philosophy that is Whole Art (go to this page for a better explanation of that).

Click hereI am also working on designing my own personal Tarot Deck, Heyoka's Tarot.  You can follow the progress on Facebook or on this
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